tisdag 20 juli 2010

Try something new

I TGF bloggen ville de som sagt att man skulle pröva något nytt och använda en digi stämpel, sagt och gjort!

I'm using a digi from the challenge in the spring, Wild Sproute Charlotta. I've used her before so that's not new, but the folding of this card is new to me.

Here's the inside, with details cut from the sassafrass paper I used. (the checked paper is from Inkido)

This paperflower folding is also new to me, I've used EK Success Retro flower punch, two of the same size and folded the leafs a little back and then assembled them on top of each other.

And finally a new invention, a "poor mans crop-a-dile", it's a kind of tongs that can be used to attach those little rings (i don't rememeber what tehy are called...), I bought it in the local hardware store (K-Rauta) for 2 €.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Värsta mojon på gång eller?


  2. Ja, har en stooor hög ännu obloggad! ;)


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